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          The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is the home of 3 academic departments and 70 faculty members. The three departments are Department of Pharmacy Practice; Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, and; and Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacognosy.

          Department of Pharmacy Practice
          The Department of Pharmacy Practice is responsible for teaching scientific knowledge and technical and professional skills related to mechanisms of drug action, selection of drug use and rational use of drugs beginning from individual level to community, society and national level. The department confers pharmacology courses not only for pharmacy students but also pharmacology courses for students from other health sciences faculties within Naresuan University including the medical school. Furthermore, applied pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacy administration & public health are also among courses under the supervision of the department.

         Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
          Department of Pharmaceutical Technology directly involves in offering academic courses with core knowledge & skills in preparation of drug & cosmetic formulation as well as research and development of drug formulation and cosmeticeutical products

         Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacognosy
         Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacognosy is responsible for teaching medicinal plants, chemical analysis of drug, separation & identification of putative chemicals from natural products and chemistry of pharmacologically-active compounds.

Besides, there are 3 Research Centers for Academic Excellence; which are
          1. Research Center for Academic Excellence in Environmental Health and Toxicology, Naresuan University (EHTox-NU)
          2. Centor of Excellence for Cosmetics and Natural Products (Cos-Nat)
3. Center of Excellence for Innovation in Chemistry (PIRCH-CIC)

and also, there is one of faculty regulartory's agencies ; which is
          - Community Pharmacy Services and Drug Store

          We as a functional unit in academia also give our priority to academic services to our community and Thai society. Thus, we provide academic trainings for pharmacists, health professionals and general public. Those trainings encompass current knowledge corresponding to contemporary needs from the society. For instance, knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences, public health, herbal medicine, research methodology and pharmaceutical care, aiming for a better understanding between academic sector & society for a better community, society and country.

          To support all the missions and goals, the faculty currently employs over 40 office staff employee and professional support. They are eager to serve and committed to the excellence in supportive functions.
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